How to Tri-Color Your Hair

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One color isn't good enough for you. You want to dye your hair, but instead of going a single shade or even two colors, you're planning for three. That's OK, it's not an impossible feat, as long as you use the right technique to keep your hair from turning into a multicolored mess. With the right hair coloring tools you can get a professional-looking dye job and, as if that weren't good enough, get a pretty big boost to your ego by proving you can rock the job all on your own.


Section your hair. For a chunkier style, divide your hair into three sections horizontally from the top of your head to the bottom, either evenly sized or with one or two larger. To create panels vertically across your hair, divide your hair into three sections this way across your head, from ear to ear. Use a hair clip to hold each section and keep it separate from the others. If you want a piecey look, you don't need to section your hair -- it's more about placing the different colored pieces randomly for the most professional looking results.


Prepare the first color of dye. Work from the top down, using the dyes in order according to the finished style you're after.


Dye the different sections of hair you want this color, using foil strips underneath each section to keep the color from getting onto any of the rest of your hair. Fold each strip in half lengthwise after applying color, in at each side a bit and then up lengthwise again, smoothing the foil out flat so it keeps your hair securely inside.


Prepare the second color of dye. Dye the hair you want this color using the same method as before, using a new foil strip for each separate section of hair. Keep each section no wider than the width of the strips.


When you've finished the second color, prepare the third color of dye and use it on the desired sections. You don't need to use foils this time if you don't want to, unless you want to leave sections of your starting hair color too, and in that case it's easier to use foils again, to keep the color from bleeding.


Once the dye has processed, remove all the foils and rinse your hair under cool water until the water runs clear. Condition your hair after coloring to replenish your locks and style your hair as desired.

Things You'll Need


1.Foil strips


2.Hair coloring brush


Tips & Tricks


A hair coloring brush works well for applying hair dye, because it combs through the hair and best distributes the dye through hair.

To keep your tri-color hair vibrant and fresh, use a color-protectant shampoo and conditioner.

For a naturally highlighted look, choose colors that are only one or two shades different from each other. For a dramatic look, opt for hues that are contrasting, such as light brown, blue and pink. Put whatever color of the three you want most noticeable on the top sections of your hair, and the others underneath. The color you dye your hair underneath will be really noticeable when you put your hair into an updo, such as a ponytail.


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