Tri-Color Foiling in Brunette Hair


Using foils to add color to your hair offers the most precise placement and professional look. Don't think you only have to add one color either, because you can add as many as you want. Tri-color foiling involves using three different hues in your hair. Whether you choose dyes in the same color family, or go for a more dramatic look with contrasting shades, the effect is interesting and creates depth and dimension in your hair. As long as you do it right, you'll end up with the look you're after.


The colors you decide on make the biggest difference in your overall look. Any hues you use that fall in the brown color family will blend together more, resulting in a more subtle color change. Adding a light brown or blond shade creates a highlighted effect, while a dark brown or black adds lowlighting in your locks. You're using three different colors in your hair, which can all be similar or all completely different. Even something funky such as a combination of pink, purple and orange work together to achieve a bright, bold look.


The placement of the color is entirely up to you, depending on what you want your hair to look like when it's finished. Any color added around the top layer shows through when you wear your hair down, while any color added through the bottom layer shows with an updo hairstyle. Use the foils through all your hair, or leave sections of your natural brown hair out loose for a finished look with four different colors.


It takes one foil for each separate section of hair you color. The amount of hair you need to paint over per foil depends on the finished look you want; for thin, natural-looking highlights, keep each section no wider than 1/4 inch, or 1/2 inch or wider for thick, chunky streaks. Place the top of the foil strip right at the roots, against your scalp, with the length of the strip held underneath the strip of your hair.


It helps to have a couple of mirrors set up when you're coloring your hair, so you can see around your head on all angles. Don't forget to keep up with proper color-treated hair care to maintain your multicolored mane and keep it looking its best. Switch to all color-safe products, which are gentle and don't strip the color off your hair. Purple-tinted products come in handy if you ever start to see any brassy tones.

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