Is Tresseme Good for African-American Hair?

TRESemme is easy to buy and readily available, but it isn't the best fit for black hair.

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TRESemme manufacturers an extensive line of products for practically every hair condition. While shopping the drugstore for other glamorous goods like bandages and razors, you may be tempted to stop in front of the TRESemme bottles to take a look. After a while, the urge may even strike you to purchase a moisture-rich shampoo or conditioner. But wait! Is TRESemme black hair-friendly? Make your decision after doing some detective work.

TRESemme Product Line

TRESemme markets products for color-treated, dry and damaged hair. The styling collection also includes a heat protection spray to help while blow-drying and flat-ironing. Keep in mind that these products don't specify African-American hair, but cover all hair types and textures. If you're wondering what to use from the line, the TRESemme website offers a handy Hair Profiler tool that matches your hair type with the best fits out of all the products. That offers a starting point if the options seem overwhelming.

What African-American Hair Needs

African-American hair is fragile, and that's the fact that you must keep in mind when choosing a hair care brand. It doesn't matter if the hair is relaxed or natural; either way, it's more prone to breakage and drying than other types of hair. According to Treasured Locks, a black hair care website, African-American hair is harder to keep moisturized, and can be more brittle due to a reduction in sebum (natural oil) distribution to each strand. Therefore, a good hair care line is one that offers serious moisture, deep conditioning and gentle, yet thorough, detangling help.

TRESemme and African-American Hair

One look at TRESemme's website triggers a bit of thinking. For one, there's aren't any African-American models, which raises questions about their target market for the products. The company offers high-moisture shampoo and conditioner, but you need to ask: is this high moisture content relative to dry, coarse, kinky ethnic hair, or straight, silky non-ethnic locks? TRESemme also doesn't manufacture any sort of daily moisturizer or deep conditioner with any sort of heavy softening agent like most lines targeted at African-Americans. While it's possible to get your hair clean and conditioned with TRESemme, it may not be the best cleaning and conditioning possible.

The Verdict

TRESemme makes an affordable hair care line that's readily available. For those reasons, it suits the needs of many African-American women. However, it's not the most extensive option for black hair care. Ethnic hair requires heavier products than TRESemme, and most lines targeted at non-ethnic hair simply can't deliver the kind of conditioning power that black hair requires. In fact, you might have to add other ingredients to get the desired result. TRESemme won't ruin African-American hair by any means, but it's not the best choice for optimal black hair health.

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