Trendy Ways to Wear Scarves

A colorful scarf will add a pop to your dark colored looks.

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Dressing well isn't just about the right shoes, tops and bottoms. Accessories play a big part in the success of your overall look. In fact, a wardrobe of basics paired with some colorful accessories will pare down your closet into one chic outfit after another. A key accessory for any season is an accent scarf. Square plaid and skinny scarves add downtown cool. A flower print will femme up any "boyfriend" ensemble. If you know the different ways to wear them, the versatility they offer is priceless.

The Basic Wrap Around

This way of wearing a scarf works with all types, whether it's made of light chiffon or thick, chunky yarn. Hold your scarf in front of you and place it around your neck so the tails are hanging over your shoulders and down your back. Reach behind you and wrap the left tail over your right shoulder so it's now hanging down your front. Repeat with the right tail wrapped over your left shoulder. Look in the mirror and pull down the part of the scarf wrapped around your neck. Leave it snug for warmth, or make it loose for a more casual accent. Fluff it up if you want or tie the tails in a loose knot, if they're too long.

Sqaure Scarf Wrap Around

Square scarves have made a big appearance on the streets of the most stylish cities. They usually come in a plaid or animal print and have fringe on the sides. Fold the square in half so it looks like a triangle. Wrap it around your neck from front to back so the apex of the triangle is pointing down and against your chest. It's kind of like wrapping a bib around your neck, but way more stylish than the plastic ones at your local lobster shack. The tails will be hanging at the back; wrap the left one around your right shoulder and the right one around your left shoulder so both tails are in the front.

Loop It

One of the chicest ways to wear your scarf in colder weather is to make a loop around your neck and pull the tails through. The scarf stays close to your neck and provides extra warmth. The ends can be left out or tucked into a coat or jacket. Fold your scarf in half so there is a loop at one end. Wrap the looped scarf around your neck from back to front. One side will be the loop, the other will be your tails. Put the tails through the loop and pull gently until the scarf is snug.

Skinny Scarves

Sometimes the simplest way to wear a scarf is all you need. Long skinny scarves are a great accent to a basic, solid top in a dark or neutral color. Because the skinny scarf is a color accent and not for warmth, all you need to do is wrap it around your neck from back to front and let the tails hang loose at the sides. Put on a chic little jacket and you're all set.

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