How to Train Your Hair for Bangs

Train your hair for bangs so they stay where you want them like Reese Witherspoon's.

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If you've decided you want to get a bit of the front of your hair chopped off and get some bangs, you're probably thrilled about a new change. But to make sure your bangs go where you want them and don't end up straying all over the place, you need to train them properly. Think the same idea as training your new chihuahua to stop tearing your Louboutins apart, only for your hair. With the right techniques, you can train your hair and get it ready for your new bangs.


Decide where you want your bangs to be. This is the section of hair you're going to need to train, so you have to decide before you start what sort of look you're going for. You can have bangs that fall straight across your forehead or longer bangs swept to one side of your face.


Shampoo and condition your hair. To train your bangs, you need to work on wet hair -- and don't forget this isn't something that comes instantly. It takes time to train your bangs, just as it does with anything else, so have patience.


Blow dry this section of hair using a round brush. If you want straight-across bangs, pull the front section of your hair down over your face with the brush and blow dry over the top until the hair is completely dry. For a side-swept look, blow dry the same way only over to the left or right side, depending which side you want your part on.


Heat a hair straightener and straighten over the length of the hair, pulling in the direction your bangs will go. This helps to train your hair to be styled in the right direction so your bangs will fall where you want after your hair is cut and not make you look like a wild-haired woman.


Use a couple of bobby pins to secure the hair. Whether you're growing out hair for bangs or plan to cut the hair for this hair change, pinning works well to train the hair. This may not be the most stylish look, especially if you want straight-across bangs and need to stick bobby pins in long hair across your face, making you look more like Cousin It. But even after just a few days, you'll start to notice that hair falls more naturally in that direction because it gets used to being styled that way.

Things You'll Need



3.Thermal heat protectant

5.Blow dryer


4.Round brush

6.Bobby pins


Tips & Tricks


In between shampoos, use a spray bottle filled with water to spritz your hair and style it the same way.


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