Traditional Mexican Hairstyles

Braids are often featured in traditional Mexican hairstyles.

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Have a Mexican fiesta to attend? Thinking about showing up in something that pays homage to Mexico's rich culture? You've got a good idea. Run with it and incorporate a traditional Mexican hairstyle into your party look. Mexican hairstyles are simple, elegant and easy to pull off. Plus, they give you an excuse to put a pretty flower in your hair, as if you needed that.


One style that Mexican women wear on a daily basis is two braided tails. Use a comb to split your hair right down the center of your head. Make it as straight and even as you can. Braid each side of your hair so the tails are at the back and hang down your back. Tie each side with a ribbon.

Low Chignon

Mexican women keep their hairstyles simple and beautiful. There's nothing more elegant than a chignon (or bun), especially when it hovers at the nape of your neck. Start with a straight centered part in your hair. Braid the back of your hair into one tail and then coil it into a bun at the bottom of your skull, slightly off center. Pin hair into place with bobby pins. Stick in a small red flower for a traditional hair accessory.

Figure Eight

Traditionally, Mexican women keep their hair long. If yours is short and you have a Mexican affair to attend, consider getting extensions for these looks. The figure-eight updo takes a helping friend and a long braid. Start by parting your hair down the center and braiding the back. Lift up the braid and pin it to the back of your head in an "S" shape. Then pin the rest of the braid to your head in a backward "S" shape, forming a figure eight.

High Chignon

This style can be braided, or not -- it's up to you. Make a ponytail high on your head and then coil the tail into a bun. Secure it with bobby pins. If you opt out of the braid, a decorative hair comb is one way to add a little bit of bling and color.

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