How to Take a Track Weave Out Your Hair

Take out your track weave once it becomes old to thoroughly wash your natural hair.

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Has the time come that you have to say goodbye to your precious weave tracks and return to your natural hair? Although, you may have a bit of separation anxiety, it is best that you take out your track weave once it becomes old so that you can wash and deep condition your natural hair. If not, you risk the possibility or your real hair falling out and you will have no choice but to wear a weave or wig for a long time. Whether your weave is glued or sewn in, you can remove your tracks in a few simple steps.

Glued In


Expose the weave track by clamping your natural hair away from the seam of your hair extension.


Spray a mist of oil sheen across the whole seam of the hair weave and work it in real good with your finger. If you do not have oil sheen, you can also use weave-bonding remover, which offers the same results.


Allow the product to sit on the hair extension for a minute or so. Starting at the edge of the extension, slowly pry the extension from the hairline by gently pulling the extension downward. Continue this process until the weave track is out.


Follow steps 1 through 3 to remove the rest of the hair weave. Shampoo your hair and use a wide-tooth comb to comb through the hair to remove any glue residue that was left behind. Rinse the shampoo from your head and perform a deep conditioning. After you've deep conditioned your hair, you can style the hair as you like.



Expose the weave track by clamping your natural hair away from the seam of your hair extension.


Start with the first extension in your head. Locate the stitch in the sewing thread at the end of the extension. Cut the stitch. Pay attention not to cut the braid that the hair is resting on, you just want to cut the thread.


Use your finger to unravel the thread from the extension. The extension will start to lift away from the braid. Gently pull the extension off the braid and cut access thread as you go along. Continue this process to remove the rest of the weave from your head.


Once all the weave is out of your head remove the braids and shampoo your hair. Apply a deep conditioner to your mane and style your hair, after you have removed the deep conditioner.

Things You'll Need


1.Hair clamps

3.Wide-tooth comb

5.Deep conditioner

2.Oil sheen or weave-bonding remover (if applicable)


6.Scissors (if applicable)


Tips & Tricks


Take your time. There is no need to rush when you are messing around with your hair.


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