What Are Tourmaline Facials?

Tourmaline facials are designed to soften skin.

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While the song may say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, tourmaline facials take advantage of another crystal variety. Tourmalines can be ground into a powder and incorporated into skincare products used in giving facials, such as face masks and moisturizers. If you've got your spa on speed-dial, don't pick up the phone just yet: Since tourmaline products aren’t appropriate for every skin type, it’s important to understand the skin types that best respond to the treatment.

What Is Tourmaline?

Tourmaline is a crystal that is available in a number of colors in nature from a light pink to a deep green. The crystals are more than just beautiful baubles, however. The crystals have science on their side because they have unique features when they are heated or rubbed onto your skin. For example, when tourmaline touches your skin, it is said to become positively charged on one end and negatively charged on the other. The difference in charges is supposed to help your skin absorb ingredients in a facial cream or mask more effectively. While tourmaline facials are often performed at a spa or doctor’s office, tourmaline facial products also are sold for at-home use if you're an at-home spa girl.

Facial Process

Now it's time to put on your bathrobe and step into the spa. While the facial experience can depend on the spa or office where you are seeking treatment, a tourmaline facial generally involves cleansing your skin to remove any makeup and impurities that every girl has. Your facialist will then apply a mask that has ground tourmaline powder and skin-softening ingredients such as shiitake mushrooms to soothe your skin. The powder should help the moisturizing ingredients penetrate more deeply while also exfoliating away dead skin cells. The facial may include a massage or application of essential oils to induce stress relief. Ahh...now doesn't that feel better?

Beautiful Benefits

You don't just get tourmaline facials for the fun of it (although they are fun). A tourmaline facial is said to improve your skin’s texture and tone. According to Romeo Salon and Spa in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, the tourmaline facial can reduce the appearance of fine lines. The facial’s exfoliating capabilities also may make your pores less noticeable so you're ready for your close-up. While you should notice a softer, smoother facial texture, you may need to undergo several tourmaline facials before you notice the wrinkle-reducing benefits.


While tourmaline facials promise to restore moisture to your skin, they aren’t suited to all skin types. If you have very sensitive skin, such as having rosacea, a tourmaline facial may not be best for you because it could make your skin red and irritated, and that doesn't go with your outfit. Talk to your spa professional or dermatologist to make sure you have a skin type that could benefit from a tourmaline facial, which typically includes all skin types except sensitive.

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