How to Touch Up Roots on Highlighted Hair

Take time to learn the method to root highlighting for more beautiful results.

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Ever seen someone with highlights whose hair was super, frightening white on the ends, okay in the middle and dark at the roots? Well, it's not supposed to look like that. If yours does, you've got problems honey! You're doing it all wrong. You're not supposed to highlight all of your hair every time you touch up your roots. There is a method to the madness, and you need to learn it. It's called a root touch up because it's supposed to involve the roots only. Stick to the roots, and you'll be fine!


Put a frosting cap on over your clean, dry hair. Pull it down nice and tight and tie it so that it won't move while you're touching up your roots.


Insert a frosting needle into each pre-punched hole on the frosting cap. Grab a strand of hair and start to pull it through the hole. Now, this is where it's different. Instead of pulling the strand clear through the hole, pull it out just enough so that you start seeing your old highlights. Once you start seeing blond, stop pulling. The result will be a bunch of hair loops on the outside of the frosting cap. Looks weird, but it's where you want to be!


Mix up equal parts bleach and color developer in color bowl. Brush the bleach onto the hair loops that you pulled through the cap.


Cover it all with a plastic cap and direct heat from a hair dryer evenly over the plastic cap for about 15 minutes.


Check the color. If it matches your old highlights, you're good to go. If not, keep heating. Check the color every five minutes or so until the color matches up.


Rinse off the bleach without removing the cap. Palm a little bit of shampoo onto the hair loops, untie the cap and gently pull it off. Wet down all your hair. Shampoo it and condition it for a great finish. Check out those roots!

Things You'll Need


1.Frosting cap

3.Powder hair bleach

5.Color bowl

7.Plastic cap

9.Hair dryer


2.Frosting needle

4.20-volume color developer

6.Color brush





Tips & Tricks


Keep your highlighted hair looking healthy with frequent trims and conditioning treatments.

Do not overlap the bleach with previously colored hair. Doing so may result in excessive damage and extreme breakage at the overlap point. Place the bleach on non-bleached portions of hair only.


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