Top Styling Products for Hard to Curl Hair

Hot rollers give body and bounce to straight hair.

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Sick and tired of your stick-straight hair? If you're aching to trade your straight and narrow strands for some big, bouncy curls you're going to need the help of some persuasive styling products to get the deed done. There are products that will help you show your hair whose boss and get you the curls you crave. For the best results, combine two or more to tag team your hair into submission.

Curly Hair Shampoo

Sounds strange, yes, but if you want your stubborn hair to curl, sometimes you have to treat it like curly hair from the start. Curly hair is often prone to dryness, so shampoos made for curly hair tend to have an extra blast of moisturizing ingredients in them. These extra goodies are going to play in your favor when trying to transform your straight strands because they'll help to seal that hair cuticle and give you glossy, smooth curls.


If your hair is limp, you're going to want to pump a little life into it. Use a volumizing mousse on your damp hair to lift the root area and give your hair an all over boost. Blow-drying your hair with your head flipped upside down also helps. Scrunching your hair with your free hand while bowl-drying can encourage subtle waves to form, giving you a head start on creating those curls.


If your hair is thick, a firm-hold styling gel is your best bet to trick your tresses into curling. Thick, hard-to-curl hair needs a firm hand, so opt for some gel with muscle power. Apply the gel to your damp hair and then wrap your hair around a curling tool of some sort. Velcro rollers work well for larger curls, while using thin, bendable curling rods is better for tighter curls. Don't have either on hand? Fake it by ripping long pieces of cloth from an old piece of clothing or bed sheets and wrapping your hair up in these. Tie the ends in a knot and let that sit until your hair is completely dry. The combo of gel and drying in this tighter curl pattern will lock in those curls on your stubborn hair.

Thermal Protector

If you're going to use heated styling tools to create those curls on a regular basis then you're going to need to protect your hair from heat damage. Everyday use of curling irons or hot rollers can take their toll on your hair. Spray a thermal protector on sections of your hair immediately before applying the curling iron or wrapping the hot roller to create an invisible shield that still allows your hair to curl, but will help prevent damage.


This versatile styling product could very well become your best friend in your quest for curls. For very straight, fine hair, give your curls a blast of a medium-hold hairspray once you've set the hair in rollers or cloth. Doing this gives just that extra little encouragement that your hair needs to keep and hold that curl shape. If you live in a humid climate you're going to want to invest in a humidity-proof hairspray. Avoid the disappointment of watching the curls you worked so hard to create melt away in the high humidity. A blast of humidity-busting hairspray will help seal the cuticle and keep that unwanted moisture out of your hair.

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