The Top-Rated Facial Products for Resurfacing & Minimizing Pores

Look more youthful and radiant by using top-rated facial products for resurfacing and minimizing pores.

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Noticing imperfections in your skin can lead to a full-on investigative tactics to find every expanded pore, every fine line and every dull patch of skin. It starts with a simple look in a magnifying mirror and ends with you scouring the Internet for the product that promises to give you smooth, flawless skin. Get the near-perfect complexion of magazine models by pampering your skin with top-rated skin resurfacing and pore minimizing products.

Exfoliate Dull Skin

If you've ever wished you could shed dull facial skin as effortlessly as you remove a pair of flesh-toned pantyhose, then a resurfacing product can help you do that. Exfoliation resurfaces your skin by gently scrubbing away layers of dead skin cells that can increase the appearance of fine lines, pores and uneven skin tone. If you've got tolerant skin, try an exfoliating facial scrub. Its grainy particles physically lift dead skin cells. For gentler exfoliation, use a mask made with alpha-hydroxy acids. Its smooth texture won't irritate your skin.

Minimize Pores

Enlarged pores can give you close-up-photo-phobia. It's when you refuse to take anything less than a full-body picture for fear that your dilated pores will be forever documented on social media websites. Regain control of your skin -- and your camera-captured memories -- with a top-rated pore minimizer. A top-rated pore minimizer should have the consistency of a thin lotion or serum for easy absorption.. Stay away from pore-shrinking products with a heavy, creamy consistency, because they can clog your pores.

Reduce Wrinkles

You're never too young to start resurfacing fine lines and minimizing pores, and if you've already got them, it's never to late to minimize them. Over time, top-rated resurfacing products smooth your skin and help it retain moisture. They encourage elasticity to prevent sagging skin, pore expansion and forehead creases. Wrinkles result from sun damage and dry skin, so combat them with a resurfacing cream or mousse. These moisture-rich products help repair the damage and make your skin plumper, essentially softening fine lines until they're less noticeable.

Reveal a Brighter Complexion

When a product comes with side effects, your first instinct is to stay away from it. But when the side effect is brighter, more radiant skin, you shouldn't shy away. With top-rated resurfacing products you get a natural glow, because clearing away the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin reveals the newer, younger skin beneath. Whether you choose a scrub, mask, serum, lotion or cream, you will attain more than smooth skin and shrunken pores. You'll have a complexion that gleams back at you every time you glance in the mirror.

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