The Best Toner for Yellow Hair

Toners counteract your blonde hair's orange undertones.

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Whether your tresses are platinum or golden, no blonde should go hay-bale yellow. But try as you might to keep your mane out of tone trouble, blonde hair has a way of going brassy. The culprits? Everything from heat styling to UV damage. To tone down that unwanted yellow and crank up the sultry blonde shades you love, you need a hair toner designed specifically for blondies.

Purple Perfection

To cancel out your strands' orange tint, shampoo with a purple shampoo. This is a gentle toner that comes out of the bottle bright (or dark) violet. Because violet is opposite yellow on the color wheel, it counteracts too-yellow tones. Lukaro Salon co-owner Rona O'Connor -- Gossip Girl star Blake Lively's colorist -- recommends purple shampoo to keep blonde hair true between dye jobs. You'll find it at beauty supply stores.

Apply Like a Pro

Get the most out of your purple shampoo by letting it penetrate your strands for about two minutes. If your tresses have major brass issues, keep it on for up to 10 minutes for a stronger orange-zapping effect. To avoid tinging your hair violet, rinse thoroughly alternate this shampoo with another shampoo, preferably one designed for color-treated hair to keep your shade true.

Glossy Blonde

While you're at the beauty supply store, look for color glosses. They deposit a hint of your desired shade -- such as dark golden blonde or light ash blonde -- plus tons of shine. The best part? All that extra shine makes your hair color look truer, with or without the added color!

Temporary Changes

If you can't find products labeled "toner" at the beauty supply store, fear not: What you need is semipermanent hair dye. Most last for about 24 to 28 shampoos. Because they don't contain ammonia or very much peroxide, they don't lighten your hair; instead, they add a dose of your desired color to your strands. To neutralize yellow, opt for a box of ash blonde. Once your light locks have grabbed the ash color, you'll be ready to show off your salon-fresh bright blonde locks to the world.

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