How to Tone Down Bright Hair

Espresso coffee can help tone down brassy hair color.

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It's all too easy to end up with a hair color that you don't care for, especially if the color ends up too bright or brassy for your taste. Too much sunlight or heat can also cause a brassy hair color on natural hair shades. But don't panic and go rushing off to do crazy things in an effort to tone down your hair, because you could end up damaging it if you make poor choices. Instead, try some home methods to tone down bright hair.


Wash your hair with filtered water if your water may have a high iron or mineral content. This can cause a bright brassy or orange tone to hair. You might also consider an iron filter for your home water.


Try a color rinse shampoo to reduce the tone of the hair color and bring down any brassy colors. A blue- or purple-colored shampoo can be helpful for overly blonde hair and brown or reddish tones can be used to bring down bright colors on dark hair. Color rinse shampoos can be purchased at many beauty supply stores. A clarifying shampoo can also help strip down some of the hair color if the bright hair is due to a recent chemical dye job.


Darken blonde or brunette hair by mixing together 1/3 cup brewed black tea and 2 and ½ cups water. Simmer the black tea and water for 20 minutes and then pour over hair in the shower after shampooing.


Brew espresso coffee and allow it to cool completely. Pour over hair to darken the overall hair color and leave in for 15 minutes. Pour more cooled coffee over the hair and then rinse well.


Use a semi-permanent hair dye a shade or two darker than your current hair color to bring down a natural hair color that is too bright or brassy. Henna hair dye can be a more natural hair dye choice than chemical dye kits and can be purchased at many beauty supply stores but shouldn't be used over hair that is already chemically dyed.

Things You'll Need


1.Filtered water

3.Black tea

5.Espresso coffee

2.Clarifying or color rinse shampoo



Tips & Tricks


Exposure to sunlight can also help fade a new hair dye job.


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