Titanium Plates Vs. Ceramic Flat Iron Plates

Titanium and ceramic flat irons both have many benefits.

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Flat irons give women the magic to easily transform wild, curly locks into smooth, bone-straight styles. Finding the right flat iron for the job can bring this process to a standstill. The market for flat irons today is overwhelming with so many types, styles and sizes. Two of the most common flat irons, titanium and ceramic, offer many great benefits, depending upon your personal needs and preferences.


Titanium is a durable metal, offering quick heating with even distrubution. This type of plate creates a more even, consistent heat than ceramic flat irons. The ionic-infused plates heat much more quickly, creating a boost of negative ions and straightening the hair from the inside out. Negative ions close the hair shaft, sealing in the moisture to protect your hair. Titanium flat irons straighten even the tightest curls, creating a much stronger, longer lasting style than ceramic flat irons.


Ceramic flat irons normally consist of aluminum plates with baked-on layers of ceramic. Completely ceramic plates are available, but they're expensive and not very common. The more common ceramic flat irons heat much slower than titanium and provide a less even heat. Because ceramic is a non-metal it doesn't snag or break your hair. Ceramic flat irons are infused with negative ions from the inside out, closing the hair shaft and preventing damage but without the lasting straightening power of titanium plates.


Most flat irons produce temperatures between 100 and 485 degrees F. These high heat temperatures weaken and dehydrate your hair, making it prone to excessive dryness and breakage, especially with frequent use. Titanium and ceramic flat irons offer more protection and less damage than other types of flat irons.


Titanium flat irons cost significantly more than ceramic flat irons. In fact, top of the line titanium flat irons have been known to break the bank. Common ceramic flat irons are more affordable and still offer a good level of protection from damage. Solid ceramic flat irons are somewhat more expensive than the more common aluminum plates with ceramic top layers. Beauty supply stores as well as many department stores offer both types of flat irons.

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