Are Titanium or Ceramic Plates on a Straightener Better for Your Hair?

Both ceramic and titanium flat irons heat hair evenly.

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Hair straighteners have evolved a long way since that ancient relic your mother keeps in her bathroom cabinet. Modern hair straighteners are designed to reduce damage, style hair faster and effortlessly glide through even the most stubborn hair. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of hair straighteners on the market and not all are created equal.


Ceramic flat irons are generally cheaper and more available than titanium ones, but more expensive than metal plates alone (which you should never use!). With most flat irons, the ceramic is usually baked over the aluminum metal in layers. However, more expensive flat irons may have purely ceramic plates. Ceramic heats the hair evenly, prevents burns and minimizes hair damage.


Titanium-based flat irons are more expensive than ceramic irons are. Titanium is a lightweight metal prized in the medical community for its strength and versatility. Flat irons with titanium plates heat up quickly and distribute the heat evenly through your hair. Titanium plates also have a high ionic output to better smooth out hair. Some titanium plates are actually coated with ceramic to maximize effectiveness.

Quality and Price

The cheapest ceramic-coated flat irons are available for less than $20 at drugstores, but buyer beware. Cheap ceramic plates often crack or peel over time, leaving the aluminum exposed. Pure ceramic flat irons are extremely expensive, starting around $250. Titanium-plated flat irons cost $50 and up at beauty stores.


Overall, the titanium-plated flat iron is better for hair. It heats up faster than ceramic or aluminum, and it works better for thick or curly locks due to its strength and high ionic charge. The amount of titanium varies in flat iron plates, so do your research before purchasing. Titanium plates also do not peel or crack like ceramic plates do.

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