Tips on How to Keep the Zipper on Your Jeans From Always Falling Down

Zippers on skinny jeans like to fall down.

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When you're walking down the street in your best pair of skinny jeans, do you often feel a breeze? Do people tell you that your barn door is open, you look exposed, your fly is down? You might have a problem with the zipper on your jeans -- it's not uncommon for the zippers on women's jeans to unzip on their own and refuse to stay up. If you have this problem, don't throw away your jeans just yet. You can easily keep your zipper up on your own and stop worrying about accidentally flashing everyone you pass.

Hair Tie Trick

If you don't realize until you've left the house that your zipper won't stay up, don't worry -- the solution could be attached to your head already. Take a hair tie and loop it through the hole on the end of your zipper, then pull your zipper up. Loop the other end of the hair tie around your pants button, then button your pants shut. The zipper stays up and the hair tie is obscured by the flap of your pants, keeping your jeans shut and secure. If you don't have a hair tie on you, snag a rubber band from the office supply closet. You can buy elastic loops specially designed for this purpose online, but it you have a hair tie handy, it does the same exact thing (See References 1).

Replace the Zipper

Sometimes zippers just lose their traction, especially in well-worn jeans. If you don't want to give up your vintage threads, you don't have to, but you might need a few skills with a sewing needle. You can get replacement zippers from the fabric and art supplies store -- choose one that complements the color of your jeans. Cut the zipper out of your jeans and toss it, then sew in the new zipper. Don't feel confident in operating on your own threads? Take them to a tailor for a zipper replacement. It's cheaper than a new pair of jeans.

Tailor, Swift

Skinny jeans hug your figure and create a slender silhouette, but they also make for a tight squeeze in the waist. When your jeans struggle to close around your frame, the zipper is the first thing to go -- it will slide down and open up as the two flaps of your jeans are pulled apart. Don't think that this reflects badly on you, though -- even with the slightest amount of shape in your hips, you're fighting a losing battle against the skinny jeans. Take them to a tailor for a slight adjustment in the waistline. By giving them a little more room, you reduce the risk of a muffin top, keep the zipper shut and don't lose out on that tight-clinging denim that hugs your thighs, butt and calves.

Safety Pin

Of course, you can always keep your zipper up the old-fashioned way as a last resort. Stick a safety pin through the hole in your zipper pull, zip it up and pin it to the flap of your jeans. It might feel a little conspicuous, but it's nothing compared to the attention you'll attract by showing off your bright red boy shorts through a gaping fly. When all else fails, just pin and bear it.

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