Tips on Fixing Hair the Day After a Perm

Keep your new perm gorgeous with the right styling.

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Getting a perm can be big decision. Not only will your hair get a major update, but perms aren’t cheap, either. Get all the pertinent details from your stylist after receiving a perm, to make sure you give your tresses the special care they need. Your stylist can give you important tips on fixing your hair the day after a perm so you’ll look your best.

Get Instructions

Before you leave the salon, get crystal-clear instructions from the stylist, including the do’s and don'ts for care and styling. Know when you can wash it, what kind of shampoo to use, get conditioner suggestions and safe styling recommendations so you can keep your perm looking and feeling gorgeous. Scribble down the instructions, if you think you might forget them. These details are oh-so-important for a stylin’ start and the healthy maintenance of your permed tresses.

Spritz the Tresses

Use a spray bottle filled with water and spritz your mane lightly if you want to refresh your hair a little. Sometimes just a light layer of water can add definition to curls or give them a fresher look. Avoid subjecting your hair to hot water in the shower for the first 24 to 48 hours, though. The heat and strength of the water might do nasty things to a brand-new perm.


Absolutely no pulling and tugging at your brand new perm, OK? Your hair is still getting used to its new shape. If you get rough with it and start tugging at it with a brush to detangle, you could damage your hair or mess up the curl shape. Stick to very light finger combing or use a wide-tooth comb, if you must -- but keep it minimal for the first few days. Add a little perm-friendly mousse or styling cream to help you arrange your curls, if you want. Avoid heat styling as much as possible -- heat can create brittle curls.

No Shampooing

Skip shampooing for at least the first 24 hours after a perm, or longer if your stylist says so. After you do start shampooing again, choose a gentle shampoo made for permed hair. These shampoos have special formulations that are just for permed hair. The Perry Hair Salon recommends ammonium-based shampoo and a leave-in conditioner to cut the frizz.

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