How to Tie a String Bikini

Untie bathing suit strings while tanning to avoid tan lines.

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It's summer and you're ready to hit the beach and catch some rays. Before you pack your beach bag and head out, make sure you've got your bikini in order. A string bikini is one of the easiest swimsuits to wear as it suits almost every body type. The top typically features two triangles attached with a string, and the bottom is a simple bathing suit bottom that ties at either hip.


Pull on the bikini bottoms.


Tie the strings on your hip into a tight knot by crossing the left string over the right and pulling it up and through the loop. This is a simple overhand knot; the same kind you'd use to tie shoelaces.


Tighten each knot until it holds the bottoms firmly in place, and make a bow. Repeat on the other side.


Hold the triangle top up by the neck strings. These strings will be slightly shorter than the back strings.


Bring the neck strings around to the back of your neck and tie another overhand knot. Pull the triangles down into place and lean slightly forward so your ladies fall into the fabric comfortably. Once the triangles are in place, tie a bow at the neck.


Pull the remaining strings toward to the center of your back. The strings should be right under your shoulder blades. Tie an overhand knot, tighten the strings and tie a bow.

Tips & Tricks


Look for string bikinis with underwire cups for extra support. If you're going to be very active in your bikini, tie each set of strings in a double knot before tying them into a bow. This will prevent the strings from coming loose, but they will be harder to undo.


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