How to Tie a Magic Skirt Into a Dress


Magic Skirts have grown increasingly popular over the past couple of years, becoming a must-have item in many boho girls' wardrobes. Not only do they convey a breezy, summery, gypsy vibe, but they also come in so many colors and prints that no two are exactly alike. You can choose from a seemingly endless array of ways to wear one -- change it from a skirt to a top and a wrap in a snap. Once you get the hang of converting a Magic Skirt into a dress, you'll be able to wrap it to perfection while blindfolded.



Hold the Magic Skirt around your back so that it is open in the front -- the top edge needs to be just under your arm pits.


Tightly wrap the left side around to the front, bringing the strap over your right shoulder.


Bright the right side around to the front, across your torso, and around to the back.


Thread the left strap through the right hole in the back and knot just above your shoulder blade.



Hold your Magic Skirt in front of you and wrap it so that the top edge runs across the top of your chest as if you were wrapping yourself in a towel.


Bring the straps back around to the front and wind them up to the back of your neck. Tie the straps until they are secured well.


Lift up the outside layer and lace the ends through the hole in the front. Let the ends hang freely.



Hold Magic Skirt up in front of you at waist level.


Wrap the straps around to the back and back to the front. Tie them into place.


Lift up the top layer of the skirt and bring the ends around to the back, just under your armpits. Tie it tightly at the center of your back.

Things You'll Need


1.Magic Skirt


Tips & Tricks


To keep your Magic Skirt in the best condition possible, wash it by hand with cool water and hang to dry.


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