Things to Make You Look Younger


It seems as if everyone is constantly chasing the fountain of youth and ways to look as young as possible for as long as possible. Although many opt to go the surgical route, there are many ways to look young, sexy and fresh without ever stepping foot inside the operating room. To look your best, you must know what flatters you and what does not and what steps you should take to look forever young.

Regular Excercise and Lose Weight

This tip is a simple one but one that many people have the most trouble with. Getting regular exercise or losing weight is a great way to not only appear younger on the outside, but it also helps your insides stay healthy as well. Everyone is busy these days, but if you can just find 30 minutes a day at least three days a week, you will maintain your weight and help your heart to continue on a healthy track. Also, make the effort to lose those extra 10 pounds or more to aid you in your youthful quest. It may seem a bit rough at first, but after you get into a regular regimen, you'll be burning calories with ease.

Adequate Sleep

With careers, families and recreational activities, it can seem as though sleep is an increasingly distant memory. Often when things need to get done, sleep is at the top of the sacrifice list. Well, when you were younger, you could get by on a few hours of sleep and still appear youthful and bright eyed. However, as you get older, sleep is a necessity and not merely something you succumb to. It may seem like a forgone conclusion, but getting the proper eight hours each night will keep your skin tight, reduce wrinkles and give an overall radiant appearance. To look younger, it's as simple as putting your head to the pillow and letting Mother Nature do the rest.

Bright Colors On the Face ... No!

It's always fun to experiment with color, especially when it applies to makeup. However, as you get older, the one place where too much bright color is unwelcome is on the face. Bright, bold colors have a tendency to sink into creases and accentuate fine lines and wrinkles, which are things that you want to minimize as much as possible. Bold shades of eyeshadow, blush and lipstick definite faux pas when you want to look younger, so choose softer shades that have color but not an overabundance of it. In addition to making you look older, using bright colors will make you look harsh and clownish.

Age-Appropriate Clothing

You have a great figure, beautiful skin and a killer haircut, but if you are dressing like women in their twenties, then you are defeating the purpose of your hard work. Dressing too young has the opposite effect; it highlights your true age, and you look like you're playing dress up. This doesn't mean that you have to dress dowdy and frumpy, but you should stay away from styles that are too trendy and choose those that are classic staples. Dressing classy and sophisticated does not mean that you look older; in fact, it shows a beautiful woman who knows how to look good at any age.

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