How to Thin Out Hair With Hair Clippers

Tame your tresses with the help of thinning shears.

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Even those blessed with the fullest, thickest manes suffer hair woes, namely the problem of hair so thick that it's unmanageable. An easy way to solve your hair-related despair is to thin out your tresses via thinning hair clippers. The clippers look like regular hair scissors and it may feel weird -- or even scary -- when using them, but hair thinning shears reduce bulk and make cumbersome locks much easier to manage.


Brush your hair out so that it's smooth and untangled. If your hair is curly, straighten it out with a flat iron.


Divide the areas you want thinned into small sections. Use either hair clips or hairbands to secure the sections until you're ready to thin them.


Starting about 3 to 4 inches from your scalp, place one section between the thinning shears and cut.


Drag the clamped shears all the way to the end of the hair section and discard the removed hair.


Repeat on each section and then review your work. Make necessary adjustments and then wash your hair or use a wet comb to get rid of cut hair left behind.

Things You'll Need


1.Hair brush

3.Hair clips

2.Flat iron



Tips & Tricks


Use hair thinning shears on hair that's completely dry for better results.


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