Why Is a Texturizer Better Than a Perm?

Texturizers can make curly hair more manageable.

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There are enough products for African-American hair to make your head spin. Naturally coarse and curly, African-American manes are capable of getting styled in just about any way. If you've ever thought about delving into the world of texturizers and relaxers, you've probably heard enough to be confused. When it comes to these types of treatments, though, texturizers are typically better than relaxers.

Leaves the Curl

Relaxers sort of torture your hair as they straighten your curly locks into submission. These harsh chemicals not only damage your 'do, but can irritate your scalp. Texturizers, however, don't straighten your hair. They simply soften the curl so that your mane is more manageable. If you want natural-looking hair, but want it softened a bit, texturizer is better for you than relaxer.

Not So Harsh

Texturizers and relaxers basically are made out of the same ingredients. Sodium hydroxide and calcium hydroxide are often used to chill those curls out. However, relaxer is left on far longer than texturizer, which means it exposes your hair to those tough chemicals for a longer period of time. If you want healthier hair, texturizers are better for you than relaxers.

Not as Damaging

Your friend's relaxed hair may look dope, but it's likely hiding a dirty little secret -- it's dry. Those chemicals in relaxers get your hair sleek and sheen, yes, but they also dry the bejesus out of it, leaving it brittle and predisposed to breakage. Since texturizer isn't left on as long, it's damage is less severe, which means you have healthier -- and happier -- hair.

Not as Costly

Gals who relax their hair see their stylists quite often because relaxed hair needs a touch up every six weeks. Your hair grows all the time, so your natural, curly hair is fighting its way to come in, which often means you'll have curly roots at the beginning of your straight tresses. That's not so chic. Texturizers, on the other hand, only need touching up three or four times a year. So this means your hair isn't exposed to the chemicals as much and it's easier on your wallet.

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