What Is Texturized Hair?

Pointcutting creates brilliant movement in the hair.

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Stick straight hair can leave your hair looking and sometimes feeling flat and boring, but texturizing can help take that hair from drab to fab. Texturized hair can be created from perms or hair-cutting techniques. The result will give straight hair movement and shape, as well as remove bulk from your hair for a whole new look.


Your stylist may use a technique known as pointcutting to texturize the ends of your hair. This technique can be useful to break up layers and remove bulk so that the layers and overall look will gain more movement. Even when layers are cut perfectly, bulkiness can still remain, which takes away from the beauty of the overall haircut. Pointcutting emphasizes layers and also gives hair a more weightless feel.

Chunking and Thinning Shears

Chunking shears create texture in the hair by removing chunks of hair. This may sound a little scary, but leave your hair in the hands of a trusted professional and have no fear. Chunking shears should only be used on certain types of hair -- ladies with super thick hair can tolerate chunking shears, but if your hair is frizzy or curly, chunking shears are not your friend. These shears drastically remove bulkiness, but are meant to be used sparingly in a haircut. Thinning shears, on the other hand, remove subtle amounts of bulkiness and create shorter hairs. Thinning shears should not be used too close to the scalp, as this will merely create short pieces of hair which is a hair dilemma every beauty maven can do without!

Permanent Relaxers and Straighteners

Ultra curly hair can be fun and fabulous, but if you want to change it up and tell your curls to straighten up a bit, a texturzing service may be in your future. Texturizing is a mini relaxer and less likely to damage your hair, because the chemicals are not on for very long. Just say "no" to having your hair chemically straightened to the point of being stick straight, as this will remove bounce and elasticity from the hair and can result in a whole lot of breakage. Instead, opt for 80 percent straightness and keep the bounce in your beautiful head of hair.


Perms are not just for mall rats. With the help of perm rods and perm solution, texture can be given to stick straight hair. Depending on the look you want to achieve, large or small perm rods can be used. A body perm can add volume and get away from stick straightness. Your stylist will use the largest perm rod size to add bounce and texture.

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