My Texturized Hair Feels Flat, Stiff and Greasy


Texturized hair is a fabulous look for a girl who's got the face for layers. Trouble is, those locks can be flat, stiff or greasy and totally kill your look. Try switching up your beauty routine to see if you can beat badness and have the styled tresses you dreamed of.

Texturized Hair

There are two kinds of girls with texturized hair: natural and styled. If you go to a salon and ask for a texturized cut, then you've probably got lots of layers that are giving you body and movement. If you've naturally got hair that's full of body and has a curl with different layers, you don't need a stylist to get the look. Either way, you might suffer from such problems as flat, stiff and greasy tresses -- all of which can be solved by a different beauty routine.


If your hair is naturally textured and coarse, you may not need to shampoo very often. Sometimes, setting aside your Thursday for a shampoo and deep conditioning is all that you need. Make sure to use hair oil between shampoos if you're having issues with stiff hair. If your hair is thinner and more likely to be greasy, aim for four or five shampoos every week. Take some time off every now and then to let your hair and scalp rest, but use an oil-free shampoo to get the best results. Grab one that includes an astringent ingredient such as tea tree oil and one that is colorless. Color adds more ingredients to weigh down your hair and the astringent will soak up extra oil, according to the WebMD website. Killing the oil in your hair should help make your hair less flat, too.

Brushing and Styling

If you have a serious love of the brush, it's time to back off. The more you massage your scalp with that brush, the more oil you're coaxing to the surface. Oily hair isn't only shiny, it's weighed down. Since texturized hair is supposed to have body and bounce, try using a brush just enough to get rid of the tangles. Blow-dry it with low or no heat and skip the flat iron. Large, soft rollers in your hair can give you more lift, but if you flip your hair when you blow-dry and use the right products, you may not need them.


Look for a light-hold hairspray with keratin. It'll help boost the fullness of your hair without weighing it down and you'll get the gorgeous movement texturized hair is so great for. As far as styling products go, skip any others piled up on your counter. Mousse is going to leave your locks stiff and a smoother will just exacerbate any problems you're having with oil.

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