How to Texturize Curly Hair

Texturizers allow you to get just enough curl.

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You love curly hair, but sometimes it can be too curly. When a full mane of curls feels like too much, texturize your hair to strip some of the curl without going too straight. Texturizing uses a mild relaxer to de-curl your mane a bit, but the product's not left on long enough to take away your curl. If you've never texturized before, get a gal pal to help you out: This DIY hair project calls for a super-strict timeline to get results, and it can be stressful.


Pick up a mild relaxer. Sodium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide work well for kinky curls, while ammonium thioglycolate relaxers work well on wavy or curly hair.


Read over the directions before you start, because timing is key to texturizing enough without over-straightening your hair. Familiarize yourself with the application process but pay special attention to the time the relaxer should sit. If you apply it too slowly, the beginning hairs will overprocess while the part you got to later gets the right amount of texture.


Put latex gloves on. Mix the relaxer cream and the activator following the instructions in your kit.


Divide your mane into four sections. Part it in half, then quarters to get four equal areas. Apply your relaxer using the applicator bottle. Work quickly but accurately, and begin with the coarsest sections of hair and work down to the smoothest. Don't worry about clipping sections back; you don't have time for that!


Leave the relaxer on for no more than eight minutes, counting from when the first hairs were coated with relaxer.


Rinse off in the shower, rinsing until the water runs totally clear.


Shampoo with the neutralizing shampoo included in your relaxer kit. This deactivates the relaxer just in case you didn't wash it all out. The shampoo turns pink or blue when it contacts the chemical, so you know it's there. Lather, rinse and repeat until you see nothing but white bubbles in the shampoo, then rinse.


Deep condition after shampooing. Texturizers stress hair, and conditioning helps give you a moisture boost. To deep condition, coat your hair with a deep-conditioning treatment, then put on a shower cap. Gently heat your hair using a blow dryer set to low for 30 minutes.


Rinse out the conditioner thoroughly for healthy hair.

Things You'll Need


1.Mild air relaxer


5.Shower cap

2.Latex gloves

4.Deep conditioning treatment

6.Blow dryer


Tips & Tricks


Once you've texturized your whole head, touch up the roots as they come in. You don't need to redo the whole head.


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