How to Tell Real From Fake Prada Sunglasses


Rocking Prada glasses is making a statement about your fashion know-how. You know Prada looks good. You know you look good. And you know how to avoid spending hundreds of dollars on a fake pair of shades. Even with all the counterfeit glasses on the market, you have no reason to worry if you know what to look for. Simply knowing that the little details make Prada so special will ensure that you don't end up with cheap dime-store glasses at the Prada price.


With fashion, it's all about the accessories. Prada glasses come with a case--and it won't be cheap. It should be hard, durable and built to match the sunglasses you're buying. If it feels cheap or like it's going to break the third time you snap it open, then it --and the matching glasses--probably aren't Prada.


You may get a fake certificate of authenticity with fake Prada glasses, but the glasses never will have a warranty. All real Prada glasses have a warranty with them. The warranty is plastic, about the size of a credit card, and says that "This Prada Product is granted a guarantee covering all manufacturing defects." There's a spot for the retailer to fill out his name and when he sold the the sunglasses. Many retailers don't fill this out, though. The warranty is still valid.


Pick up the glasses and feel their weight in your hands. Real Prada products are made with the finest materials and are made to last. If your glasses feel flimsy and weak, they aren't Prada--and they're probably going to fall apart after you've worn them a few times.


Open the arms of the glasses and look at the hinges. If they're well-made and appear sturdy, they actually may be Prada. If they're cheap and flimsy, then they're a knockoff. Prada is built to last. Knockoffs are built to last until you get back to your car.


When all else fails, ask for the model number. If the vendor is selling a real Prada product, he's can give you the number. If he hassles you or tries to convince you that you don't need the number, something shady is going on. Hand them back the glasses and peace out before you end up with an inferior product.

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