How to Tell If You Have Olive or Yellow Skin Tone

Looking at your skin while in a natural light can help you determine its tone.

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If you've ever noticed that you look better in some colors than others, then you know the power of determining and dressing for your skin tone. Knowing this valuable information can help you choose the correct clothes, makeup and hair colors to sport. For instance, olive-skinned honeys will likely not look banging in colors that are suited for ladies with fair skin and if you try to rock these colors, you will probably look like a hot mess. If you are wondering if you indeed have olive skin or yellow tones, you can perform a few tests to know for sure.


Stand in the sun. Natural light is better for determining your skin tone. While basking in the sun, check out your skin. Gals with an olive tone will have a greenish tint to their skin. The hue is often subtle, but if you take a good look you will notice there is a bit of a green undertone gleaming throughout your skin. Your skin will feature a yellow tint if you have yellow undertones.


Look in the mirror. After removing all of the makeup from your face and pulling your hair back, glare at your gorgeous self in front of a mirror. Hold a piece of white paper up to the side of your face or wrap a white towel around your neck and examine your skin. The white paper will help bring out the undertones in your skin. If your skin looks a bit green, you likely have olive tones. If your face looks golden or yellow, you have yellow tones.


Examine your wrist. Looking at your wrist can help you to determine if you have cool or warm undertones, which can help you decide if you have olive or yellow-toned skin. If you can see your veins and they look blue, you have cool undertones, which means you do not have either olive or yellow skin. If your veins appear to look green, you could be an olive or yellow-toned babe. Complete the other tests in conjunction with this to know for sure if you have either of these types of skin tones.

Things You'll Need


1.White piece of paper or white towel


Tips & Tricks


Many women with olive skin have dark hair and eyes and tan easily.


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