How to Tell If a Gucci Watch Is Real or Fake


A fake Gucci watch is like a life-size cardboard cut-out of Brad Pitt. Great-looking from far away and comes out nicely in pictures, but nowhere near as cool as the real thing. Gucci watches are made with impeccable precision and high quality materials, while the composition of fakes can't be guaranteed at all. After all, if they're lying to you that it's a Gucci, why should you trust the quality of the workmanship?


Know your stuff. If you don't know what the real Gucci watch looks like, then it will be easy to pull the wool over your eyes. Head to and check out the watches to get a feel for the true look, specifically the model you are thinking of buying. Get to know the font of the numbers, the shape of the face, the look of the band and whether there are diamonds, marks or other small details on the face. Small details are often skimped on by fake manufacturers.


Examine the back of the watch. Real Gucci watches include the name "Gucci," the signature crest (surely, you could draw this in your sleep) and some other design or picture, such as a criss-cross pattern of the word, "Gucci." If the watch in question has just the crest or just the crest and the name without any other design, drop the merchandise and run.


Check for a second hand on the 3600 G. Gucci's trademark watch, the 3600 G is one of the most commonly faked out there and should not have a second hand, so be on your guard about this detail.


Feel like a weight lifter. Real Gucci watches are heavy! If the watch you're holding feels like a toy, you are being toyed with.


Check out the diamonds. Knock-off merchandise often skimps on the small details, such as the placement of diamonds around the face of the watch, with uneven spacing and poorly set diamonds as a result. A real Gucci watch will have every small stone perfectly set.


Check yourself out. Metal bands and faces on a real Gucci watch should be shiny and bright, ensuring that you can see your own reflection in the watch, while fake ones often look dull and washed out.


Study the G's. If your watch contains the famous interlocking Gucci G's, make sure that one of the letters is both backwards and upside-down, while the other one faces the right way. The two letters should have a small space in the middle, without touching at all.

Tips & Tricks


As a general rule, keep in mind that if it seems too unbelievably cheap to be a Gucci, it probably is. Sigh, walk away and start saving your pennies.


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