How to Tell Fake David Yurman Jewelry

Nikki Reeds wears David Yurman earrings to the Step Up Women's Network 8th Annual Inspiration Awards.

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You know you've made it big when supermodel Kate Moss does your ad campaign. David Yurman jewelry is definitely a luxury brand. The designer's pieces are not only repped by major models but are also carried in big-name department stores like Saks. Anytime a label has that much going for it, you can bet there are going to be lots of fakes floating around. Before you buy your David Yurman jewelry, learn how to spot a rip-off so you're sure you're getting the real deal.


Every piece of David Yurman jewelry has a logo. Somewhere on your bauble you should see written "D.Y. 925." If you don't see this on your jewelry or if you see any variation of the logo, you can be sure that you've got a fake piece on your hands.


All David Yurman jewelry comes with a certificate of authenticity. It's possible that if you're buying a used piece that the seller may no longer have the certificate, but you should definitely be sure to ask. Even with a certificate, beware. Some more thorough people will make fake certificates, so if you're not totally sure, stop by a David Yurman store and have a salesperson show you an actual certificate.


Pay attention to price. David Yurman pieces typically retail for between $1,300 to $3,000. If someone is trying to sell you a piece of jewelry that's way cheaper than the average retail price, it's probably because it's fake. We all love a good deal, but when it comes to luxury products, you're probably just going to have to shell out the cash if you really want to get the real thing.


Peruse the David Yurman website and take a look at their jewelry. If you can, find a photo of the exact piece of jewelry you're looking to buy. Learn the distinguishing features of the piece so that when you buy yours you'll know exactly what a real David Yurman piece should look like.


Check the weight of your jewelry. David Yurman uses all fine metals and gems in its products, which means they weigh more than fakes, which use cheaper, lighter metals. The best way to know for sure is to go by a fine department store or David Yurman boutique and compare the weight of your piece with jewelry that you know for sure is real.

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