How to Tell If It Is a Fake Chi Pink Flat Iron?

Learn to reconize a real Chi from a fake before you waste money on a cheap imitation.

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Whether your hair is curly, wavy or naturally straight, achieving the look of sleek, smooth hair is easier than ever with the use of straightening irons. The Chi iron is one of the most popular brands, even offering pink irons for fashionistas who insist their style extend to hairstyling tools. The problem is, imitation Chi irons are often sold for the same expensive price you invest in an authentic Chi. Arm yourself with information to ensure a Chi is the real thing, preventing damage to your hair and bank account.


Give the power cord on your Chi a closer look. The plug should have three prongs and a reset button, similar to a plug on a hairdryer. These types of plugs prevent fires from the iron's cord. A two-pronged cord on a pink Chi means the flat iron is a fake.


Locate the warning information, electrical information and serial number on your Chi. This information should be engraved or embedded on the Chi itself, not printed on a sticker. If the information on your flat iron is printed on a sticker, it is an imitation.


Read your manual. Inside the manual will be a customer service telephone number you can call for assistance with your Chi. When in doubt, call the number to verify that your product is the real thing. If the telephone number is not valid, you may have a fake. If your flat iron lacks a proper manual or if the number provided was not working, contact Chi customer service at 800-237-9175 to validate your serial number and see if you got the real thing.


Plug the Chi in and flip the power switch on. The LED light next to the switch will glow red when the power is on. Now flip the switch off. On an authentic pink Chi, the light will turn clear when the power is off. A fake pink Chi's LED light stays red even when the power is off.


Examine your Chi's logos. If they look off-center or crooked, your Chi may be fake.


Look for screws that attach the ceramic plates to the iron. A real Chi has ceramic plates that are smooth and not attached by any type of screw or mechanism that may damage the hair. Only imitation Chi irons have ceramic plates with screws.

Tips & Tricks


If you intend to invest in a Chi iron, go to a reputable dealer to purchase the Chi. You are more likely to walk away with the real thing when you go to a salon or beauty supply store, and most reputable dealers offer a guarantee on their products so you can be certain of the quality of your iron.


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