How to Tell Fake Chanel Earrings

Make sure your Chanel earrings are the real deal.

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Chanel is one of the most luxurious brands there is. That double C logo speaks for itself. Any brand that has that kind of influence is a magnet for rip-offs and fakes. This extends to all things Chanel -- even accessories. Chanel earrings are super-chic and a fab, understated way to look totally elegant. If you're in the market for a pair of these ear accessories, learn how to separate the real from the fake so you'll be sporting an authentic pair.


Know your stuff. Familiarize yourself with the Chanel brand and Chanel accessories. Go to the Chanel website and take a look at merchandise. Have even more fun and take a trip to a Chanel store if there's one in your area. The more familiar you are with the brand, the less likely you are to get duped.


Pay attention to packaging. Chanel jewelry will always come in a black or midnight blue box that has "CHANEL" written in white. Also learn your metals. Chanel costume jewelry, called "Costume," "Ready to Wear" or "Common," is rhodium or stainless steel. Chanel fine jewelry, which comes with a price tag of $5,000 to almost $1 million, is made with precious jewels and metals. Precious Chanel jewelry is made under the "Designer," "Mademoiselle," "Camellia," "Coco" and "House" names.


Check out the back of the earring. Every single Chanel earring will have the same identifying features. If you're buying pierced earrings, you should see plastic disk backs. Clip-on earrings have clasps. If your earrings don't have either of these qualities, you can be absolutely sure that you've bought a fake.


Some Chanel earrings have a stamp of authenticity. Hoops don't -- they're too small -- but most other Chanel earrings do. If you don't see a stamp of authenticity, there's a pretty good chance you've got a fake on your hands.


Don't go looking for an amazing deal. Sure, everyone loves a sale, but you have to use your common sense. Chanel earrings are expensive because they're luxury items. If someone is trying to sell you a pair for a bargain-basement price, it's probably because they're fake. Just remember: If something seems to good to be true, it probably is.

Tips & Tricks


Use caution when buying online, especially if you're purchasing from an online auction site. Check your seller's feedback rating and user comments, and make sure you're buying from someone who has a solid history of selling quality merchandise.


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