How to Tell the Difference Between Men's and Women's Sunglasses

Some trends are unisex, with subtle differences between men's and women's sunglasses.

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Every time he puts those sunglasses on the table next to yours, you accidentally grab his. It annoys you because they look so similar, it's hard to tell the difference. As soon as you start the car, turn on the music and get ready to peel out, you slide them on and it seems as if your head has shrunk. Same color and brand, but they don't quite fit your face -- almost always landing in your lap. Avoid the sunglasses switch with a few helpful hints.


Using a ruler or tape measure, measure the front of each pair of glasses temple to temple. Compare the results. A bigger head dosen't necessarily mean a bigger brain, but anatomy and bone structure alone determine wider styles for men.


Measure one lens on each pair of glasses and compare the results. Men's lens are bigger, spaced further apart, with bulkier frames. The angles are very abstract and sharp, square or rectangle. Women's lens are rounder. Cat eyes and oval shaped lens wouldn't generally be found in men's styles.


Compare the aesthetic style of the glasses. Although it's truly a matter of personal taste, men's styles are traditionally more conservative with basic color choices like black, brown, gray and metallic. Women's styles are sleek, bold, colorful and creative. Design elements on glasses like rhinestones and studs also set them apart from the men's shades.


Compare the functionality of the glasses. Sunglasses serve a purpose -- to protect and shield your eyes from harmful UV rays. Men's designs are marketed more for their purpose rather than their look. Yours might be cute, but his are scratch proof with some kind of extreme UV protectant lens. Even if you do grab his shades, you'll be safe and still look good.

Things You'll Need


1.Pair of women's sunglasses

3.Ruler or tape measure

2.Pair of men's sunglasses


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