How to Tell the Difference Between Men's & Women's Jeans

Jeans for men and women are different in a few ways.

Photo: Michael Blann/Lifesize/Getty Images

It's been said that men and women are from different planets, but does that go for their jeans as well? Most of us know that jeans for men and women have variances in shape, design and embellishments. So if you stumble across a pair of jeans that don't appear to be gender-specific, take a closer look. By feeling the fabric and even trying on the jeans, you can likely determine if the jeans are from Mars or from Venus.


Feel the fabric. Men's jeans are typically made from thicker material than that used for ladies' jeans. Perhaps it's because jean companies don't want a man's lower half to be on display, or maybe men need more material between them and the outside world. Whatever the reason, if you feel a pair of jeans and they are particularly thick, they could be intended for a man.


Check out the crotch area. The crotch area of men's jeans is typically roomier than that of jeans for females. If you try the jeans on and they feel baggy in that area, they are likely made for a guy.


Peruse the pockets. Pockets in men's jeans are typically bigger and deeper than pockets on jeans for women. Ladies are lucky if they can fit a cell phone inside their pockets, whereas guys can place their cell phones, along with wallets, keys and everything else in their pockets. If the pockets on the mystery jeans could replace your purse, chances are those jeans are for boys.


Check out the curves. Women's jeans are often made to enhance a woman's curves. If you hold the jeans up in front of you and detect curvy spots in the seat and leg areas, you likely have lady jeans on your hands. Jeans for men are typically straight and lack the obvious curves found in jeans for women.


Look at the label. Most men's jeans are fitted according to the size of the waist. For instance, if you look at the tag of a pair of men's jeans, you will likely see "32," "44" or some other number in between. Women's jeans are often fitted according to size standards, starting at size zero and going up. Therefore, if you see a four or eight on the label, the jeans are probably for a female.

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