How to Tell If a Burberry Bag Is Original

Purchasing from a Burberry store, like this one in Milan, guarantees that your bag is an original.

Photo: Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you crave an original Burberry bag to make your best outfit complete, you definitely don't want to wind up with a fake. Carrying a lie around on your arm really can mess with your mojo. So how can you tell if the Burberry bag you're thinking about buying is really an original and not a knockoff? It's not that tough, fortunately. The fakes are usually pretty easy to spot either in person or online.


Know where you're buying to know what you're buying. If you're browsing at the official Burberry storefront or a well-known retailer of luxury goods, you probably don't need to look further -- the bag is an original. If you're buying second-hand, though, it's not that easy. In that case, check out the merchant reviews -- if someone got stiffed or ripped off with a fake, she's going to say so loudly.


Craftsmanship counts, so make sure it's perfect. Original Burberry bags have patterns that line up front-to-back, so if the pattern's crooked, the retailer may be, too. Originals also have perfect stitching, so take your magnifying glass and have a look -- all stitches should be the same size and in a very straight line. Burberry makes its bags in Italy, so inspect the "Made in" notation on the back of the interior tag with the bag's serial number. Messy engraving on the metal tag -- or messy anything for that matter -- is a dead giveaway that the bag's not an original.


Play a little game of "The Price is Right." Original Burberry bags run about $700 to more than $13,000 new. If you're holding one that's priced considerably lower than that, odds are it's not an original Burberry bag. It's possible to find a small discount on an original if you're lucky, but it's basically impossible to find one at 80 percent off. If that's the deal you've been offered, run -- don't walk -- away. You're probably about to buy a fake.

Things You'll Need


1.Magnifying glass


Tips & Tricks


Original Burberry bags come with original Burberry packaging. If you don't see posh packaging surrounding your new bag, you may be dealing with a fake.


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