How to Tell an Authentic UGG Bailey


The kicky UGG Bailey comes with a shaggy wool lining and a one or two button closure on the outside. Of course, since these boots regularly cost $150 or more, forgers love to create knock-off versions. However, the frauds are never as well made as the original and have a lot of telltale signs of their falsity. To avoid this UGG-ly fashion faux pas, shop wisely and keep an eye out for surefire UGG Australia authenticity attributes.


Look at the vendor. Unless it's a private seller getting rid of a pair of boots after Christmas, any eBay Baileys are fakes. UGG Australia, the official makers of the Bailey boot, restricts sellers from vending authentic products on eBay. You also won't find real UGG boots at a street festival, flea market or in Chinatown. UGG Baileys are only sold through upscale merchants like Neiman-Marcus or through licensed private dealers.


Check the button. A real pair of Baileys has wooden buttons with four UGG logos around the perimeter. A wooden button means a real boot. Plastic? No go.


Inspect the tags and packaging. Beginning with the Fall 2010 line, a real UGG Bailey boot comes with a hologram sticker. The enclosed care tag has the UGG logo embossed on the cover and is on brown paper. Look at the box. It should be made in one piece with a flip-up lid and the logo front and center. The tag inside of the boot will also have the make, Bailey Button, with a model number after it.


Scrutinize the fit, because this is one place where forgers get the UGG Bailey completely wrong. Fake UGGs often have a slim heel and are true to size. As most true UGG fans know, real UGGs always have to be at least one size smaller than normal to fit the foot. In other words, an individual who wears a U.S. size 8 in other shoes will wear a size 7 or 6 in an UGG Bailey. A fraudulent boot will be a size 8 for a size 8 foot.


Take a close look at the stitching, especially on the Bailey, which has a lot of sewing work. The real Bailey has seams that match up in a "Y," and the elastic and buttons are securely fastened to the body of the boot with double stitching. In fakes, the sole piping may appear lumpy and irregular. Fakes are sloppily stitched and don't have the neat finishing of the real deal.


Read the place of origin on the inner label. Real UGG Baileys are made in China. The fakes will list Australia or New Zealand instead.

Tips & Tricks


To see if your UGG Baileys pass the smell test, run your merchant's website through the UGG Australia official search engine, or find your seller on the list of authorized merchants.


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