How to Tell an Authentic Michael Kors Purse

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Whether you're a crazed fashion junkie or you just like to watch reruns of Project Runway, you're more than likely familiar with the face of Michael Kors. He's the lead man of the self-titled brand -- one that's renowned for its always fashion-forward, uber-coveted clothes and accessories. His style is always ultra chic, but if you're after a Michael Kors purse, make sure you get the real deal and nothing less.


Take a lookie-look at the price tag first and foremost. You usually do this when you're shopping, anyway -- unless, you lucky gal, you've got some serious freedom with your charge card. But when you're trying to tell a fake from the real thing, it's even more important. There's no bargaining for an authentic brand name bag, and most of the uber-gorgeous Michael Kors bags retail for around $350. A bag that retails for $50 is probably only worth as much -- or far less.


Look at the hardware on the bag. Most Michael Kors bags have a circular or key-shaped charm with the letters "MK" as the brand logo. If you see the letters are backward, upside down or missing, you'd best believe Michael Kors didn't make that bag. No designer is going to sell something with his brand name misspelled.


Look over the bag and see and feel the material it's made of. Michael Kors uses only the most high-quality materials for all his purses, whether you're shopping for a slouchy hobo bag or an elegant clutch for evening. Most bags are made of authentic leather, with a soft canvas-like material inside. Anything plastic or cheap looking is a telltale sign of a phony.


Ask for a warranty card before purchasing a purse. A legitimate retailer will be more than happy to offer you this, to prove the authenticity of the bag. All high-end designers make this card -- or something similar, at least -- with their products, so customers like you can rest easy knowing you're actually getting what you think you're getting.

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Shop directly from a Michael Kors store, online or in person, to avoid the risk of dealing with a scammer.


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