Techniques on How to Sew a Full Head Hair Weave

Sew-in weaves typically last up to three months.

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No one's going to call you out on the street for having a weave with full head sew-in weaves, which look so natural. Go stealth, and pass the weave off as your natural hair. You have options for weave techniques that use all of your natural hair. Consult with your stylist, then choose the best option for you.


Traditional sew-in weaves attach wefts of hair to a cornrow base that incorporates all of your natural hair. They offer stability and security, lasting up to three months. Once you have a cornrow base, sew weft hair to the cornrows using weave thread and a weave needle. Work a basic sewing stitch; you don't need to get fancy. Cut wefts that are too long so they fall over your natural hair and don't extend beyond.


Invisible part weaves work like traditional sew-in weaves, but with one key difference: You part your hair and maintain that natural part. Once you get a sleek part in your hair -- side, center, wherever you rock it -- cornrow the hair. Make sure your part shows. Sew wefts to the cornrow base until you reach the crown of your head. Divide remaining wefts into 1-inch strips. Sew or bond these over the hair that frames your face, maintaining your part.

Net Weave

Attach a net over your cornrow base to start a net weave. Sew the net to the cornrow base with weave thread. Sew the wefts of hair to the net instead of to the cornrow base, using the same basic technique as in the traditional sew-in. Net weaves are gentler on your natural hair than traditional sew-in weaves, because they don't pull it. This makes them a good option for women with hair-loss problems.


Invisible weaves need no closure, because you maintain the part. When you comb the hair down, all weave tracks are covered. Other full-head sew-in styles require a closure piece to mimic a part and to cover the weave tracks. Sew or bond a special closure piece over the crown of your head to camouflage the stitching.

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