What Is a T-Shirt Bra?


A T-shirt bra might sound like your idea of heaven, and for many women, it is. Soft, comfortable and virtually undetectable under your clothing, it is lingerie nirvana. The beauty of this type of bra is that it holds you in place, but feels good at the same time. The cotton material makes it a good option for one of your longer days, when a rougher lace or restrictive spandex blend just won't do.


A T-shirt bra is made of a thinner cotton material than most bras and is purposely meant to be undetectable underneath even your thinnest shirt material. At the same time, a T-shirt bra is also meant to be durable and sturdy, holding you in place despite the thin nature of the material and bra design. These seamless bras come in just as many patterns and colors as more racy styles, only they feel so much better against your skin.


The main benefit of a T-shirt bra? It's downright comfortable -- comfortable in that way that you could probably fall asleep in it and not even realize it. And it's great not to have to worry about seeing every detail of your bra under your thin white cotton T-shirt. Moreover, just about every major bra brand manufactures them, which means that you can switch the design and style while maintaining brand loyalty.

Proper Fit

Get the right fit when buying a T-shirt bra. Cotton gives you more room to stretch out the wrong-sized bra, which can result in a lack of support and a saggy appearance to your breasts. Get a professional bra fitting before you purchase your T-shirt bra to be sure that there is no excess spillage and plenty of support, particularly if you have larger breasts.

Shopping Tips

Before you invest in any new bra, try it on before leaving the store. Model it under your clothing to be sure that it is, in fact, seamless. Confirm the fit and play around with different colors, strap sizes and conversion styles. In fact, the most versatile T-shirt bras convert to strapless, halter and racer-back style, so that you can wear them under just about anything.

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