The Best Synthetic Hair Conditioner

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Sick and tired of your same old hair everyday? That's where the magic of a synthetic wig comes in: to simply and easily provide you with a look that you never could have achieved on your own. Hey, how do you think celebrities jump from short hair to long hair from one day to the next? You just need to know Lesson 1 from Wig Care 101: Don't treat your synthetic wig like you treat your own hair. For the best conditioner for synthetic hair, look for one made specifically for synthetic wigs.

Synthetic Specific

Some people choose a conditioner by scent ("Lavender or pomegranate-apple?"), while others are attracted to a cute bottle. Still others purchase whatever is on sale, while some diligent consumers choose a conditioner that best suits their specific hair types. Whatever your normal style for picking your conditioner, when it comes to a synthetic wig, the best kind of conditioner is one that's made for synthetic hair only. Unlike human hair, synthetic hair is made from plastic and other non-natural fibers that won't respond well to the soaps and chemicals inside your regular conditioning bottle. A normal conditioner can strip the protective fibers that keep your synthetic strands together, making it look dull and reducing its lifespan.


Even when you limit yourself to the synthetic-only section, the sheer number of choices is enough to overwhelm even the savviest of customers. Which kind to get? Your best bet is a spray-in conditioner, as opposed to a regular, thick washing kind that requires lots of water and lots of action. A spray-in conditioner provides your delicate wig with a light spritz of moisture, protection and shine, while avoiding all that heavy pulling and rubbing that a normal conditioner requires. These few light blasts are enough conditioning to last your wig a few days to a week, so don't think you have to treat it everyday.

Adjust Your Regular Conditioner

If you can't get a hold of a spray-in or you already purchased a regular conditioner, you can stop kicking yourself and simply adjust your conditioner to suit your needs. To turn a regular conditioner into a leave-in, grab a spritz bottle and stand near the sink. Pour about a quarter-cup of conditioner into the bottom of your spray bottle and fill the bottle the rest of the way with water. Close up the top and you've got yourself a homemade spray-in conditioner that's good enough to compete in the big leagues of spray-in conditioners.

Brand Specific

When it comes to synthetic conditioners, most brands were created equal, according to wig experts Ace and Belk Wigs. Ace lists its Top 4 as Raquel Welch, Revlon, Look of Love and Tress Allure, but it claims that each one can do the job as competently as the next. Since all synthetic wigs are generally made from the same types of fabrics, there doesn't need to be as great a selection of conditioners as there is for human hair, which comes in a huge range of styles and textures, as well as types such as oily, dry and normal.

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