Switching from Brunette to a Natural-Looking Blonde

Reach your blonde ambition in a series of stages for natural-looking results.

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Brunette hair may be classy and sophisticated, but if you want to shake things up with a drastic overhaul, blonde is the way to go. Celebrities may often appear to sport a drastic new color overnight, but for natural and breathtaking results, your blonde ambition is best achieved through a series of stages. When it comes to complex color treatments, visit a professional to ensure that your locks turn heads for all the right reasons.

Evolution Rather than Revolution

Brad Johns, Clairol's global color director, advises brunettes to think of coloring as an evolution rather than an overnight revolution, with several different color stops along the way. Gradually changing your color allow you -- and the people around you -- to get used to your new lighter hue. If you’re experienced and confident enough to try a DIY at-home dye, Johns recommends using a permanent color every six weeks to go one shade lighter. It may take months, but the results are more natural. This gradual process allows you to keep better control over your desired shade.

Bleach It Blonde

The only way to take your natural base color several shades lighter is to hit the bleach. To get your required natural-looking shade, your brunette locks need a double-process treatment. This involves your stylist bleaching your strands to significantly lighten them and then using a rinse to turn your locks a nicer shade of blonde. Because bleaching is permanent and damaging, it’s best to leave it to a professional. This double-process method is more damaging than other methods of coloring, but the results are much quicker to achieve.

Say Hello to Highlights

If the thought of DIY color or bleaching is enough to break you out in a cold sweat, professional highlights should be your go-to option. Your stylist can use a combination of different blonde shades, such as caramel and honey, to add subtle slices of color throughout. Thanks to the different-colored strands, highlights appear softer and more flattering than a block of all-over blonde color. Ask your stylist to build up your blonde color with each visit until you have lots of delicious blonde tones throughout.

Care and Condition

The time and effort doesn’t end once you’ve reached your blonde goal. Without proper care and attention, dyed blonde locks can quickly turn brassy and dry. Use a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for color-treated locks to keep your hair in tip-top condition. Coloring leaves your tresses prone to damage, so apply a deep-conditioning treatment weekly to help restore and repair brittle blonde strands.

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