The Best Sweaters for Big Busted Women

Take a break from those black sweaters to show off your assets.

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There’s a chance you learned your biggest “Life’s not fair” lesson after growing a beautiful set of breasts as a teen, only to discover that many clothing styles aren’t equal-opportunity flatterers for well-endowed women. You crave a fashion-forward wardrobe but you also hide a dark past: vacillating between flaunting and hiding those babies, so it’s hard to know how you feel about your choices. You’re a big girl now and you’re ready to begin a fashion journey that includes figuring out exactly what styles of sweaters make you stand out – in all the best ways.

Celebrate Good Times

According to an article published on the website titled “The 6 Rules of Cleavage,” you’re in the majority if you’re well-endowed. Folks keeping records of such important issues report that the average breast size of women has grown from 34B to 36C over the last 40 years or so. Sure, some women have filled their sweaters with a little surgical help, but a majority of endowed women got their goodies the old-fashioned way, a fact that’s not lost on sweater designers who are happy to create sweaters just for today’s nicely appointed woman.

Examine Your Confidence Quota

Like Team Edward and Team Jacob in the "Twilight" movie series, gals with big busts tend to join only one team: BC or BA, Boob Confident and Boob Averse. Obey your inner voice or you could become the owner of sweaters that never see daylight -- if you’re not already in this closet figuratively and literally. Acknowledge your assets if you’re a BC girl by wearing high-fashion sweaters with stylish patterns, romantic knit ruffles and silhouettes that highlight your breasts, or embrace your inner BA by choosing styles that make you feel comfortable in your own skin: flaired silhouettes, attractive cardigans atop coordinated shells and classic tunic sweater styles that are long, lean, chic and non-revealing.

Sweeten Sweaters With Colors

If you always head straight for the black sweaters when you hit the mall because you’ve used this tactic to disguise the girls over time, quit the Goth club and fall in love with jewel colors that accentuate the bust while flattering skin tones. Hot-for-today hues include ruby, magenta, emerald, orange and sapphire, but why settle for one when you have them all in a 2012 “school of cool” rainbow stunner designed by newbie Isabel Marant or an equally flattering multi-color sweater from another fashion house. People will be too busy admiring your taste to give much thought to your cup size. This doesn’t mean order your bulky fashion one size larger, missy, or you’re going to unravel all of the benefits you receive from a flattering silhouette.

Know When to Hold ‘Em

The bra you wear underneath your sweater can do more for you than the most concealing sweater style on the planet, so pick up at least one minimizing bra and reserve it for sweater-occasions only. Bad support can add 10 pounds to your look, so for heaven’s sake, don’t treat your breasts with such disrespect. Good shapewear can immediately abolish five pounds, according to Oprah style guru Adam Glassman, so even if you didn’t do terribly well in math, you can run the numbers and figure out that a great bra is worth its weight in compliments. And don’t worry that you’ll look flat if you wear a bra that’s designed to balance things out; you can still get enough décolletage to get waiters to walk into walls at the sight of your chest.

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