The Best Suede Cleaner to Remove Scuff Marks From Suede Boots

Get scuffs off boots like Summer Altice's with a nail file.

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In the brand’s care instructions, Steve Madden shoes recommends using a suede protector, typically sold in an aerosol spray, to guard suede footwear from scuffs, stains and water damage. When there are scuff marks or dried mud on your boots, you can use a nail file to very delicately stroke them off. There are a handful of popular suede cleaners on the market that work well, but in the case of severe staining, it's best to take your boots to a cobbler or cleaner who specializes in the cleaning and repair of suede and leather goods.

McNett ReviveX

Style expert and “Beauty on a Budget” host Erika J. Santos highly recommends using the nubuck, suede and fabric boot care kit sold by McNett ReviveX. “I have used it a number of times -- not only on my suede boots but jackets as well,” she says. Santos states that the kit helps remove surface stains such as grease and dirt. She says timing is everything. You can achieve the best results if used within hours of the getting the stain or scuff. “I have used other suede cleaners that cost more but were not as efficient,” she offers.

Nikwax Footwear Care Kit

The site “How to Clean Uggs” recommends the Nikwax Footwear Care Kit as one of the best brands for cleaning suede. The kit comes with a waterproofing suede protector and a cleaning gel that you can use on nubuck, suede and leather. The cleaning gel is a formula that’s intended to preserve the fabric's natural oils. You should also use the cleaner as a preparation when applying a fresh coat of waterproofing. Aside from leather, this product is intended for fabric footwear including eVent, Gore-Tex and SympaTex. A word of caution, this brand can cause the suede to darken with use, so do a small patch test first.


Beauty products researcher and author of “Practical Glamour,” Constance Dunn says a suede eraser is invaluable when it comes to removing scuff marks and refreshing the look of your suede boots. “Your suede boots will get beat-looking fairly fast if regularly exposed to street dirt or cold-weather elements such as rain and snow, so upkeep is a must,” she warns. For best results, Dunn suggests brushing the eraser across a white piece of paper to clean it before its first use. Brush any dirt from your boots, then pass the eraser along the scuffs, applying heavy or light pressure, based on the delicacy of the suede. It’s normal to see the eraser crumbling with use.

Ugg Care Kit

Another of the “How to Clean Uggs” site recommendations for the best suede cleaners is the Care Kit sold by Ugg. The set comes with a cleaning stone and brush, a conditioning cleanser, water and stain repellent and a freshener. When using the cleaning stone and brush, use the edges for adding life to the nap of the suede, the stone for eliminating scuffs and the brush for finishing. For best results, move the brush in one direction to get a consistent, smooth finish.

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