Styles of Braiding & Weaves

With several styles of braids and weaves, make sure to get the one that works for you.

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Braids and weaves are a great way to give your hair a vacation from hairstyles that are regular and routine. Finding yourself in a hairstyling rut is just no fun, so do something about it and set your inner diva free with a hot new weave or a bold braided style. Inspiration isn't hard to find, just take a look at your latest issue of "Essence" or "Cosmopolitan" for a kick-ass style that really rocks.


Cornrows are a versatile and gorgeous braided style. It's a look that is characterized by either small or large braids that lie close to your scalp, regardless of whether your hair is long or short. Even if you're a girl that has a little less hair than you'd like, you can add extra thickness or length by braiding in synthetic or human hair. Cornrows are also the basis for many weave styles, particularly sewn-in weaves.

Tree Braids

Tree braids have absolutely nothing to do with trees or growing braids on them. They are a unique style of braiding that incorporates straight or wavy, human or synthetic hair additions. When creating this look, your stylist will leave sections of hair loose while making the braids. The resulting style is a look that is very similar to a weave; in fact, in some cases the actual braids may be difficult to detect.

Ponytail Weave

If ponytails and you go together like peas and carrots, but your hair is too short or broken to actually make one of your own, you can remedy that problem with a ponytail weave. This is a type of weave that is meant to attach to your natural hair to give you the look of having a full ponytail. The secret to getting the best look when it comes to this style is finding one that matches your natural color perfectly.

Curly Weaves

Women who love curls will adore wearing curly weaves -- especially if their natural hair is normally as straight as a stick. If that sounds like you, choosing to go curly with your weave is as simple as buying the right type of hair. Whether you decide to go with human or synthetic hair, nearly every beauty supply store that sells weaving products will carry curly hair as an option.

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