How to Style Hair Like Eva Peron

Madonna portrayed Eva Peron with the signature 'do in the movie "Evita."

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Maria Eva Duarte de Peron was her name, but people often just called her Evita. Although she began with the most humble of upbringings, Eva fought her way to the top and became the beloved queen of Argentina in the 1940s. As part a transformation to erase her painful past, Evita adopted a signature chignon at the nape of her neck. Style your hair like Eva Peron for an enduringly chic and elegant look that will set off your gorgeous features.


Brush through your dry mane to detangle it completely. Add a smidgen of styling cream to your hair and work it through well with your fingers.


Make a part if it suits your style -- both center and side parts work beautifully with an Eva Peron 'do. You can also pull your hair straight back without a part, too. Pull all of your hair back into a tight, low ponytail at the nape of your neck and fasten it with an elastic hair band.


Grab the ponytail in one hand and start twisting and coiling it into the chignon. If your hair is long enough, try a figure-eight loop for something extra pretty. Keep coiling and tucking until you fashion a low and chic chignon.


Hold the chignon with one hand and start inserting bobby pins around the edges to hold it tight. Keep going with the bobby pins until the chignon is secure and doesn’t move an inch when you toss your pretty head.


Spritz the entire style lightly with hair spray to keep it tight and make it stay.

Things You'll Need



3.Elastic hair band

5.Hair spray

2.Styling cream

4.Bobby pins


Tips & Tricks


The signature style of Evita is severe without any fringe, bangs or tendrils. If you want to soften the style a little, pull some fringe or tendrils out -- but you’ll lose the Eva Peron authenticity.


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