How to Get Stubborn Hair to Stay in Place

Hairspray can lock your style in place.

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Sometimes your hair has all the patience and control of a 2-year-old child, and taming it can be just as difficult. While your hair may present challenges when it misbehaves, it doesn’t mean you can’t conquer it. With hairspray in hand or other home remedies like expired sunscreen, you can tame flyaways, calm frizz and get your hair to stay in the places you want it to be.

Hairspray and Gel

If you already have your style set in place and a few runaway hairs are wrecking everything, hairspray is an oldie but goodie that can do the trick. Spray it on the offending area, then smooth the hair with your fingertips to put everything in place. If you like a slightly shinier look, a spray gel or regular gel can do the trick -- just apply a thin layer so your hair doesn’t look too slicked-back.


Your hair can become uncontrollable when it has static and/or when it’s especially dry. That makes conditioning an important part of the long-term solution to keep hair in place. If you need something to make your hair silkier right this minute, you can try applying an expired sunscreen to any unruly areas where your hair looks especially dry, according to Drew Barrymore's hairstylist. Other options include a conditioning spray applied to damp hair before you blow-dry. If you want to be really good, you can use an ionic or ceramic hair dryer, which will cut down on the amount of static electricity.

Remedies for Flyaways

While you probably don’t always have a can of hairspray handy, there’s a chance that an item in your purse can tame unruly flyaways in a pinch. “Allure” magazine recommends brushing a blush brush over your flyaways to set hair in place. Another option is lip balm, which can be applied at the hairline to eliminate frizz.

Accessorize It

When styling products don’t seem to be doing the trick, sometimes you have to call in the hair accessories to finish the job. If your stubborn hair involves bangs, try using a headband or bejeweled bobby pins to pull your hair back. If you can’t get the little wispies on the bottom of your hair to go up into your ponytail, try using bobby pins the same color of your hair, which can blend in better.

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