How to Strip a Perm Out of Your Hair to Make it Natural

Comb out a perm with perm solution.

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Perms are fun, but even a good perm gets old after a while. If your curl is fake, you can say bye-bye in the blink of an eye. It's simple to strip your old perm out of your hair. All you need is some perm solution and a comb to eliminate the fuzz, wave and curl from your old perm. If your curly locks want to lie straight for a while, comb the perm out of your hair.


Shampoo with a mild, cleansing shampoo. Almost any will do. Just avoid the two-in-one and color-enhancing types. Do not condition. Shampoo and towel dry --- that's all.


Comb your hair and pin most of it on top of your head. Leave about an inch or two hanging down all the way around.


Snip the tip off the perm solution or push a thumbtack into it to open. Squirt the solution onto all the hair hanging down. Comb through to distribute the solution. Pull down a little more hair and squirt on more solution. When you've drenched all the hair, comb through it all with a wide-toothed comb. Comb it down straight and leave it.


Leave the solution on your hair for about 20 minutes. Do a comb through every five minutes or so to keep your hair straight.


Rinse with warm water. Don't skimp out! Keep the water flowing for about five minutes to get rid of all the solution and cut down on that icky after-perm smell.


Towel dry your hair. Open the neutralizing solution and squirt it onto all your hair. Comb it through and wait five minutes.


Rinse it all out and style as you wish.

Things You'll Need



3.Hair clips


2.Wide-toothed comb

4.Perm solution

6.Neutralizing solution


Tips & Tricks


Hair feel a bit dry? Follow up with a few weekly deep-conditioning treatments after stripping your perm.

Chemicals can burn your skin just like a hot poker. You may not be able to feel the burn but the results are the same. Sometimes the scars from chemical burns are worse because you can't feel the burn and react to it. To prevent burns, gently blot perm solution from the skin. Whatever you do, don't let perm solution sit on your skin.


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