How to Strip Color From Hair Naturally

Wash your hair in hot water to help strip away unwanted color.

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If you've ended up with a less-than-stellar hair color, there's no need to rip your hair out. With a little persistence you can tone down your color at home, using natural ingredients. It is best to work on the unwanted color ASAP after you dye your hair, since the cuticles will still be open and willing to let go of color. If you have waited a few days, or if you've got a serious color catastrophe, a professional stylist is your best bet to strip down your color and get you back to normal.


Heat the olive oil in a microwave-safe container until it is warm, but not hot enough to burn your skin. Adding burns to a bad color won't do your look any favors.


Apply the warmed oil to your colored tresses, making sure that you completely soak strands. You want the hot oil to be able to penetrate everywhere that you want the color stripped. The hot oil helps open the hair cuticle so that when you rinse, you can rinse away color. Oil also helps to moisturize your tresses, since they've likely been damaged by the coloring process.


Rinse your hair once the hot oil has cooled, using warm or hot water, depending on what temperature you can stand. The extra heat from the water will fade the color in your hair.


Shampoo your locks to remove any oil while you help fade the color. Continue to use the hottest water that you can tolerate, and check the color after shampooing. If you want to strip more color, repeat the oil and shampoo process. If the color is still not where you want it, wait a few days and give your hair a break before you try to naturally strip it further so that you don't dry out and damage your tresses.

Things You'll Need


1.Olive oil



Tips & Tricks


If a green hue is the problem with your 'do, soak your locks in a tomato juice to neutralize and strip the green from your hair.

Natural remedies to strip color from hair may just result in color fading, which might not give you the result you're looking for. A professional stylist can assist you in removing unwanted color and getting you back to your natural look.


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