How to Stretch Suede Boots

Stretch suede with a liquid stretching agent.

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A hot night on the town can turn into a killer pain if your favorite suede boots are a bit too snug. After a while, tight suede boots can begin to rub against the skin of your feet, causing painful blisters and even bleeding if left on too long. But before you toss your suede boots to the curb, give stretching a try. Several stretching options are available for suede, which can make your boots feel comfy cozy.


Spray the outside of the boots with a liquid stretching agent in areas where the boots feel too tight. Slip a boot stretcher into the boot.


Turn the crank on the wooden or metal boot stretcher until it feels tight, then give the wooden boot stretcher three to four extra cranks to help widen the suede. Repeat the process on the other suede boot.


Allow the wooden or metal boot stretcher to sit in the boots overnight. Remove the wooden boot stretcher in the morning. Try on the boots. If they still feel too tight, repeat the process.

Things You'll Need


1.Liquid stretching agent

2.Wooden or metal boot stretcher


Tips & Tricks


If your boots are tight, but not too tight to walk in, spray the stretching spray onto the boots, slip the boots on and go for a walk until the spray dries. If the boots still need more stretching, repeat.

Wooden boot stretchers have an insert where you can insert a bunion pad to stretch the little toe or big toe areas if they are too tight, Once the bunion pad is in place, the boot stretcher will stretch the suede boots out wider in that area.

Do not apply any more than a light misting of suede stretching liquid to your boots. Less is more when it comes to stretching liquid. Saturating the suede can cause staining.


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