How to Stretch Peep-Toe Shoes

You can stretch too-small shoes for the perfect fit.

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If you find a super-adorable pair of peep-toe heels that are a half size too small or even just hit your toes wrong but you just can't pass them up, don't worry: You don't have to. There are a ton of effective, cheap and safe ways to stretch leather peep toes without harming them, so you can show off your pedi in comfort. Leather wants to stretch, so just take advantage of its natural state to tweak those sexy shoes till they're just right for your feet.


Pad your shoe stretcher with inserts on the place where your shoe hits too tight. For peep-toe shoes, this is typically the toe area. Spray your peep-toe shoes with shoe-stretching spray, designed to help the leather stretch and move without damaging the finish. Insert a shoe stretcher into each shoe. Let the stretchers work their magic to loosen up tight spots.


Fill two sealable plastic bags one-quarter full with water and place one inside each shoe. Put your bagged-up shoes in the freezer -- if you want to protect them, wrap them in a plastic bag -- for several hours, until the water freezer. As water freezes it expands, so your shoes get a slow, natural stretch. Take out your shoes when they're frozen, and let them thaw for 20 minutes or more, then remove the ice packs from the shoes (they should have thawed enough to come out easily). Wipe off your shoes, and they're good to go.


Run a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol over the tight part of your shoes, on the inside of the shoe, then slip the heels on. If they're quite small, put on a pair of socks first to get a bigger stretch. Wear the heels for at least 15 minutes to stretch them out.

Things You'll Need


1.2 shoe stretchers

3.2 plastic bags

5.Rubbing alcohol

2.Shoe-stretching spray

4.Cotton ball



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