How to Stretch the Length of Jeans


When you can get into them, stretching shrunken blue jeans is usually an easy task. Simply slide into your pants, suck your belly in as hard as you can, zip, button and wear. After a few squats and bends your jeans will loosen right up and fit like a glove. Unfortunately, jean stretching gets a bit more complicated when you need to make your pants longer. It is possible to stretch short jeans a little longer, but you're not likely to get much more than an inch to an inch and a half in added length.


Throw your jeans in the washing machine. If they need to be washed, run a full cycle. If not, just run them through a rinse and spin. Set the machine to cold water so you don't make your jeans even smaller and compound your problem.


Anchor the waist band of your jeans by placing them under a heavy object. If you have a buddy handy, ask her to hang onto your jeans instead.


Pull on the legs of your jeans as hard as you can. Stretching jeans in the legs takes effort, so eat your Wheaties before you begin pulling.


Place hardcover books or another heavy object on your pant legs to keep them stretched while they dry.


Move the books, pull on your pant legs some more and reposition the books once every hour until your pants are dry.

Things You'll Need


1.Washing machine

3.A buddy (optional)

2.Heavy books or weights


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